Corporate Guidelines

The Hoopers logo or corporate mark is the graphic representation of our commitment to supplying unequalled service and products to our customers. It is essential that these guidelines are adhered to at all times in order to reinforce the Hoopers brand across all applications.


The logo should be used in one of the formats shown in these guidelines and should not be altered or amended in any way.


A PDF version of our corporate guidelines can be downloaded using this link: Hoopers Corporate Guidelines PDF Download (1.13mb)


You can also download our logo in the following common formats:


Adobe Ilustrator Files
Freehand MX EPS Logos
Bitmap Logos
Hoopers 50% Black
Hoopers Black
Hoopers CMYK 877
Hoopers CMYK Black 7
Hoopers Spot 877
Hoopers Spot Black 7
Hoopers WO Logo